In Progress

The final stage of making the twenty five vellum bound works is now in progress. The approach that I am taking is very open-ended. Images are repeated and retranslated using a range of materials and processes. The work is very time consuming and labour-intensive. The end results engage light and surface in different ways. Images are drawn in response to what already exists in, and on, the pages – that is to say, what I had already drawn, embossed, watermarked or gilded onto the pages before the works were bound.

Each work operates individually. However I am also approaching the process as though each is a composite part of the group as a whole – a large complex drawing so to speak. Themes and images are repeated and revisited by pricking the surface of the paper and dusting powdered tarnished silver and palladium through the pinpricks. Five themes are being explored: journal, journey, refuge, relic, site. Reference material includes documentation of the journey to the site and of the site itself where the Nova Zembla prints were discovered – video stills of the icepack, 17th century etchings and photographic documentation from 20th scientific expeditions.

Below are examples of the works in progress:








“Descriptions True and Perfect”, pinpricks and powdered gold, tarnished silver and mica on hemp paper bound with vellum, 2010-11




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